Semalt Reveals How CTR Relates To Your Web Page Ranking

Everyone wishing to prosper in online marketing may wonder the effect of organic click-through rate (CTR). As much as marketers and individuals are making trend analysis, try to outsmart your competitors by following SEO trends. However, Google patents and competing theories remain unknown as soon as they do not unveil the criteria of their algorithm openly. But what we know for sure is that CTR affects ranking as an indirect factor.

However, trends in online marketing bring a different picture. For instance, CTR controls Google ranking factors. Many digital marketers try to make the most of this feature. In this article, Jason Adler, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt reveals several differences between CTR and ranking, explaining how they are relted. There are also essential tips that will help your Google click-through rate (CTR) perform well on the organic SERPs.

How CTR influences ranking

  • To rank websites effectively, there should be criteria for placing the websites in order. Thus, Google uses information such as click data. CTR affects the click rate of SERP results. As a result, websites with the biggest number of clicks are settled at the top, while those with a few clicks are put at the bottom. Algorithm is set to consider the content with a large number of relevant clicks. Most search engines apply this criteria in their search algorithms. Google is advising bloggers to be major in content relevance. As content gets consistent, clicks occur. These clicks make the website get a reward of an excellent rating hence enhancing your SEO results.
  • Secondly, Google depends on the CTR as the criteria of displaying a OneBox. A website must have a minimum CTR to get a OneBox on their website. Google has an automatic system which examines click-through rates (CTR) per OneBox presentation per query. This phenomenon may explain some of the seasonal fluctuations in the ranking of a particular website or page. For instance, a web page can be performing well today but not that successful tomorrow. As a result, digital marketers should employ relevance as the key factor. Maintaining your CTR can keep a website ranking fairly well in search engines.
  • The website should have a decent click through rate. Site engagement is critical for information which requires ranking. It is important to ensure that people who click the link to your website engage with it for a substantial period. CTR improves your page authority through relevance, which improves your ranking. For CTR to have the most benefit out of SEO, one needs to organize website content well in titles and meta tags. Google ranks websites out of the relevance of your content. Great content has a high click through rate. Google algorithm utilizes this feature to differentiate what position particular site deserves.


Online marketers may debate endlessly about whether Google CTR has an impact on search engine results or not. The truth is that CTR, indeed, helps the website to be ranked higher. However, it may be difficult to understand the relationship between CTR and SEO. We hope that this article has helped you to understand the relationship between these two constants and the ways you can make your Google click-through rates (CTR) perform well on the organic SERPs.